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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: YONGU
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DT copper aluminium cable lug is used for copper terminal electric equipment and copper terminal linking of copper core cable electric equipment. DL aluminium lug is used for aluminium terminal linking of aluminium core cable and electric equipment. DTL series Al-Cu cable lug is suitable for transition joint of distribution device aluminium core and electric equipment.

Our company supplies copper aluminium cable lug made by explosive wedling technique.The products have features as high welding strength ,excellent electric property,resistance to galvanic corrosion,long service life,never fracture,high safety,ect.
The products are suitable for the connection of copper conductors (section 1.5mm2-1000mm2) in power cable with equipment.
They are fully annealed to ensure qualities of electrical and mechanical strength. These are widely used in Electricity Boards and Electrical Industries.