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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MilkyWay
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Height:From 20 m to 50 m

Thickness:1 mm to 30 mm

Suit for:Airport ,seaport , plaza, stadium , square ,highway, street way etc

Shape:Conoid ,Multi-pyramidal , Columniform,polygonal or conical

Material:Usually   Q345B/A572,minimum yield strength>=345n/mm2

As well as Hot rolled coil from Q460 ,ASTM573 GR65, GR50 ,SS400, SS490, to ST52-

Tolerance of dimension:+- 2%

Power:400 W- 5000 W

Light panel:Various figure of selection ,material with hot dip galvanization steel frame ,stainless steel ,special aluminum plate

Light Extension:Up to 30 000m2

Lamp &Luminaire:Projector generally to be applied with safety grade IP65

Luminaire with high pressure sodium lamp of long lift and high lighting efficiency ,or metal halide lamp with high CRI

Lifting system:Lifter fixed in the inner of the pole with lifting speed of 3~5 meter per minute

Equipped electromagnetism brake and break proof device, manual operation applied under power cut

Electric appliance control device

Electric appliance box to be the holder of the pole ,lifting operation could be 5 meter away from the pole through wire

Time control and light control could be equipped to realize full-load lighting mode and part lighting mode