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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: GS
Model Number: GS107
Connection: Dry Contact
Dimension: 2000(W)*1630(L)*2310(H)mm
Card Type: IC/ID card
Communication: TCP/IP, RS485, Dry Contact


GS High Security Full Height Turnstile



The GS full height securityturnstiles are designed to controlpedestriansentering or exiting restricted areaswhere perimeter control is required. Thisturnstile can be used for bi-directionalpedestrian access control applications.

The turnstile has been designed as a modularsystem and can easily be assembled on

site by hand and without the need of heavylifting devices.


The turnstile consists of an outer cage sectionand a centre column incorporating a

3 x 120° offset 'U' bar configuration. TheController and the torque positioning

drive are mounted on top of the cage andwithin a sheet metal enclosure.Additional space has also been made availablefor the installation of access controlequipment. The turnstile is designed to beinstalled directly to concrete surfaces, or inthe case of paved areas an optional foundationframe is available.



The turnstile consists of an outer 'U' barsection, an outer vertical bar section and a

central rotating column incorporating a 3 x120° offset 'U' bar configuration.

The control and drive mechanism are housedwithin a folded sheet metal enclosure

which is located above the central column.As standard all sections are fully "hot dip"

galvanised after fabrication and can also bepowder coated in RAL 7042 grey upon

request. Access control devices such as card readerscan easily be fitted to the turnstile cage. Amounting plate fixed at each entry pointon the outer vertical bar section of theturnstile enables ease of installation of suchcontrol devices.



For each direction of passage, the possible configurations are thefollowing (to be specified with the order):

l  Free access (obstacle turning freely).

l  Permanently locked (obstacle blocked mechanically).

l  Locked, but unlocked in case of power failure.

l  Electrically controlled (free, locked, passage subject toauthorisation) and locked mechanically in case of powerfailure.

l  (standard) Electrically controlled (free, locked, passage subjectto authorisation) and unlocked in case of power


Technical characteristics

-          Power supply: single phase 120 / 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz.

-          Input port: Dry Contact Signal

-          Additional Interface: Serial Port RS485 

-          Communication Port: ≤1200 meters

-          Nominal Power consumption: 70 W.

-          Operating temperature: from -20 to +65°C.

-          Max. relative humidity: 95%, without condensation.

-          Net weight: 386 kg.

-          Flow: 15 to 20 passages per minute, depending on thereaction time of the reader.

-          MCBF (mean cycles between failures), respecting therecommended maintenance: 1,000,000 cycles.

-          IP 65



-          Controller and Access Control Operation

-          Electronic rotation detection - no mechanicalmicroswitches required

-          Bi-directional interface - an isolated dry contactsignal activates the turnstile - no added interfacerelay required

-          Turnstile automatically relocks in 20 seconds if nopassage after activationoutput to access control provider and/or remotecounting system

-          Field activation test buttons allow testing ofturnstile functionality separate from access control system

-          " Attendant Override" input accepts dry contactsignal to allow attendant to bypass the accesscontrol system and unlock the turnstile



-          Card Reader Mounting

-          Surface mounting only of customer supplied readers

-          Status Lights(Optional)

-          Upon authorization a Green arrow will illuminate in the direction of passage authorization whilst in the opposite direction a Red Cross symbol will illuminate to indicate the unit is not available for use or is already in use.

-          Push Button Control

-          Simple Push Button Console

-          Free Rotation

-          In the event of an emergency or isolation of the power supply the turnstile arm will create a clear walkway for escape.

-          Fire Control

-          It has far end control function for down/up rod to meet the special requirements of the users and the fire control


Users Includes

Government Retail/Finance/Telecommunications/Information Technology /Banking /PublishingLeisure/Petrochemical/Education etc.