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Material: Nylon
Protection Level: IP68
Model Number: PG7~PG48
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Degree of Protection: IP68
Color: Grey , Black, other colors customized.


Plastic Cable Gland types we offer are: PG Type Nylon Cable Glands, NPT Type Nylon Cable Glands, M Type Nylon Cable Glands, MG Type Nylon Cable Glands
Material: PA (NYLON), UL 94
Hermetic seal: NBR, EPDM
Working temperature: -40centigrade to 100centigrade in static stnstantaneous heat resistance up to 120centigrade, 20centigrade to 80centigrade in dynamic statenstantaneous heat resistance up to 100centigrade
Degree of Protection: IP68-10
Color: Grey, Black, other colors customized.
model size cable range(mm)
PG7 M12*1.5 3--6.5
PG9 M16*1.5 4--8
PG11 M18*1.5 5--10
PG13.5 M20*1.5 6--12
PG16 M22*1.5 10--14
PG19 M24*1.5 12--15
PG21 M25*1.5 13--17
M27*1.5 13--18
PG25 M30*1.5 15--21
M32*1.5 16--21
PG29 M36*1.5 18--25
PG36 M40*1.5 22--32
PG42 M50*1.5 32--38
PG48 M63*1.5 37--44
PG63 M70*2 42--50