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Type: Storage Bags
Model Number: 3



 Nonwoven jute cloth has following advantages:

 1.Row materials is 100% jute fiber and Nonwoven jute cloth is 100% biodegradable.

 2.Weight light. Nonwoven jute cloth could be the same weight to polypropylenenon-woven fabrics made by spunbonded process. At present , Nonwoven jute clothcan be made by 20 g/m2.

 3.Low price. Jute fabric is one of lightest plant fiber and is much lighter thanpolypropylene fiber. So, the cost of Nonwoven jute cloth isn't higher than polypropylenenon-woven .

 4. Compared to conventional jutetextiles Nonwoven jute cloth has a close texture, smooth surface and not easy to shed hair.

 5. Washable. Nonwoven jute clothcould be washed and reused.

 6. The texture of Nonwoven jute clothis similar to paper. The more rigid, durable, easy molding, convenient to variety of printing.

 Nonwoven jute cloth will be appliedworldwide in the following areas:

 1.Shopping bags. Light, durable, convenient to variety of printing.

 2. Agriculturalmulch film. Being applied for agricultural mulch film Nonwoven jute cloth hasmany advantages. Breathable, permeable,proper heatpreservation, low price,

 3.Package. Nonwoven jute cloth is suitable for variety of package with its lightweight, low price and easymolding.

 4.Otheruses. Composite base fabric, upholstery fabrics, various interlining etc.