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Brand Name: FINER
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Hydraulic jacks with handler

Lifting hydraulic jacks details

Lifting jacks with hydraulic pumps

operated by the handle up and down, let the heavy duty equipment up and up.

Hydraulic toe can applied with , because roller skate is lower performance, normally is 110 mm to 145mm, common can reached this height easily.

Revolving toe jack also named hydraulic toe which the housing pump can veered for 360 degree. And the toe part can veered for 360 degree too.  The capacity is 5 tons, 10 tons and 25 tons. The 10 tons capacity lifting range of toe is 30mm to 260 mm. The lifting range of head is 420mm to 650mm. This kind of revolving advantage is 360 degree revolving housing and revolving toe. Have overload protection.

capacity from 2.5 tons to more than 100 tons

Hydraulic toe jack have two parts can lifting the heavy loads, the head part capacity is two times more than the toe parts. For example, if the toe parts capacity is 5 tons, so the head part can hold 10 tons loads.

are widely used in machinery and equipment moving works, bridge construction, railway tracks and other installation and maintenance works, transport loading and unloading heavy objects, automobile and tractor repairs, and so on areas.

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