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Model Number: HR-10KW
Brand Name: HIPOWER
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


China Automatic PVC membrane welding machine

Product Description


It is especially designed forHFweldingoflarge format structural membranes, pool-liners, oil-booms, water cisterns, tarpaulin, tents, tensile structures, advertising billboards, spark protection cloth ,tent of truck, canvas of agricultural,canopy,swimming pool covers and other PVC/PU technicaltextiles, largePVCcanvas/digesters/ fabric, computer advertising / printing/ Film cloth, the membrane structure, etc.


1.Large format technical textiles, 2. LargeCovers for trucks and boats3. MembraneCurtains for trucks

4. LargeSwimming pool covers5.Temporary shelters China Automatic PVC membrane welding machine

MachineGeneral Features:

1. Servo-motor; Touch screen programmable HMI / PLC

2. European-model square high frequency vibration box, more reliable and stable in output

3. Single line or two lines continue welding, welding length can be ordered as special need.

4. Can be used as a freestanding machine for welding production or as a supplement to a larger system.

5. CE rated machine; factory verified by SGS and BV;

6. Customer's site installation, training & maintenance available

7. C-Frame / G frame welded steel structure with integrated HF generator

8. Customized work table dimensions, electrode holder dimensions, tooling

9.Laser Guide Projectors – projecting laser lines (easy for operator's eyes) for quick material guidance on the work table

10. High frequency welding press pneumatically operated

Optional Features on Request:

1. HF Filter unit available2. Auto-high frequency tuning technology3. Precision straight bar welding up to 1500x50mm

4. Vacuum table available5. Welding electrode temperature thermostat  China Automatic PVC membrane welding machine

Technical Specification:

Model HR-5KW-F1 HR-8KW-F1 HR-10KW-F1 HR-15KW-F1 HR-25KW-F1
Output Power of Generator 5000W 8000W 10000W 15000W 25000W
Anti-Spark System U.S.A. PL-5557 High sensitive anti-spark system
Voltage 3P AC 380V 50Hz-60HZ or customize
Frequency 27.12MHz +/- 0,6 % 13.56MHz +/- 0,6 %
Input power 8KVA 15KVA 18KVA 25KVA 35KVA
Oscillation tube 7T85RB 7T69RB E3069 8T85RB 8T25RA
Max pressure 350KGS 500kg 800kg 1000kg 1500kg
Operation mode Pneumatic Operated
Max gap of electrodes 100mm
Size of active horn 100mm
Upper Electrode (W*H*L) 50*50*600mm 50*50*800mm 50**50*800mm 50*50*900mm 50*50*1000mm
Size of Work Table (L*W) 350*700mm 450*1050mm 450*1050mm 400*1150mm 450*1250mm
Welding time 0.01~9.99s adjustable
Net weight 400KGS 800kgs 900kgs 1200kgs 1400kgs
Space behind electrode 400mm 750mm
Foreseen productivity: According to welding times and operator skills

Company Information

Who We Are:
Since 2000, Shenzhen Hipower Ltd, concentrates on highest quality, on-time delivery, professional technology support, customer-oriented service and competitive price.
Where Are our Customers:
Our products are mainly exported to Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa, and etc....
What we do and Why Us:
Hipower is at the forefront of newest technical developments in the field of high frequency and ultrasonic welding technology,automation of production processes and other innovative industrial solutions.
Ourequipments are widely used in industrial application like: Automotive Parts, Stationery, conveyor belts Tarpaulin, Big Covers,Tents products,Tensile structure, Medical Bags, Blister Packaging, Cylindrical Box, and other plastic welding industries.

Our welders with power outputs up to 35KW and deep space behind the electrode provide advanced technological features for optimizing productivity and manufacturing quality.

Stabilized and smooth regulated HF generatorprovides efficient power for al linear weldingup to 1500mm in length and 50mm wide.

All machines are completely safe for the operator and fully comply withCEregulations.

Our Services
1. Customer's site installation, training & maintenance available
2. 12-24 hours Online service by Email, Fax, Video Online for basic setup and repairs
3. 12 months warranty for machine, life-long tech. support
4. Recommend equipment of top choice based on your requirements for product;
5. Examining mold drawings on your behalf to confirm optimum structure size meeting high frequency process;6. Providing assistance in manufacturing and modifying tools;
7. Our engineering instruction will guarantee your productive manufacturing of top-quality products.