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Model Number: RFID-606
Brand Name: Koten
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Dimension: 130*12*10mm
Frequency: 860-960Mhz
Support protocol: ISO18000-6C
Lifespan: 10 years or 100,000times
Operation temp.: -20---80cels



Adoption of FHSS operation mode, with super strong anti-interference capability. Users can customize Read/Write standard data, to enhance the efficiency of the specialized application system, reading distance up to 8m or above (subject to reader and antenna). 2,056 bits memory capacity, globally unique 94 bits ID code, Ultra-wide working band design, both in line with the relevant industry regulations, and convenient for the flexible development and applications. It can Read/write multiple tags (up to 50pieces/second or more), not limited or influenced by the number of the tags in the working area. 1,960 bits encrypted storage area for users to read, write, erase /rewrite operations. And it opens up permanent user-specific designated areas. Passive card design, no need of batteries, flash memory can be repeated more than 100,000 times, effective service life for more than a decade, very cost-effective. Support Protocol ISO18000-6C(EPC gen 2) and ISO18000-6B. Applied for electronic tickets, logistics luggages, postal parcels, library management systems, etc.

Technical parameters:

Model: KT-RFID606 (Metal mount tag)

Support Protocol: ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2)

Operating Frequency: ISM 902~928MHz or 860~870MHz

Operating mode: FHSS

Memory capacity: 2,056 bits memory capacity, globally unique 94 bits ID code.

Reading speed: preset via software, less than 10ms for the average reading of 64 bits for the single tag.

Tag materials: metal medium

Operating distance: up to 15m or above(subject to readers and antenna).

Operating temperature: -20~80

Dimension: 130mm*12mm*10mm