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Model Number: CY602LH
Brand Name: OEM Brand, Logo, Label available
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)



With strict 60 ° Angle positioning, without omnidirectional interference problems;
The reserved pressure sense function;
Communicates with the upper support with wigan / 485/232;
Zero maintenance, no signal attenuation problem.

Technical parameter

Product power supply       DC12V

Static current    ≤20mA(Stand-by)

Dynamic current        ≤100mA(Swiping card)

Read distance          "3-50meters(Related to the work environment>

Output format   Standard wigan RS232, RS485

Storage temperature         -40℃~+85℃

Working temperature        -20℃~+65℃

Relative humidity      0%~95%

Working frequency    2400MHz

Lobe width        60°(A horizontal plane), 25°(Vertical plane)

Before and after contrast  ≥28db

Antenna size     305*305*70(mm)

Product weight2.6kg

Installation method  Derrick installation (with clip code)

Strut diameter  ∮40~50(mm)

Application value

Fast and remote card reading, good direction sense, and the reading distance can be controlled(adjustable distance 1-15m) and no parking needed when the speed is 10-60km.

Reading card without parking at upslope and downslope, turning and other non-convennient areas for parking, can help avoiding vehicle flameout and half slope starting

4 Free of influence of vehicle protective film(like explosion-proof film), can fits for all vehicles

5 Card reading without parking and opening window, the vehicle owner will not be affected in bad weather day

6 No parking card reading can greatly increase traffic flow, and help avoid traffic jam in rush hour

7 No interference between reader-writers(adopts advanced bluetooth communication technology and CDMA), good direction sense, efficiently solves the interference among the front, back, left and right