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Model Number: L01B-24
Brand Name: Sujing
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


   L01B-24  the oil particle counter liquid particle counter

 L01B-24 the oil particle counter is Widely used in aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing and other fields, mainly on the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil (insulating oil), turbine oil (turbine oil), gear oil , engine oil, aviation kerosene, water-based hydraulic oil, oil for solid particle contamination detection. In addition, also on the organic liquid, the polymer solution was subjected to detection of insoluble particles.
Blockage principle, the use of imported semiconductor laser light source, long life, high stability; 24 detection channels, channel size arbitrarily set to detect powerful; imported precision syringe pump sampling control system, high precision sampling, sample volume arbitrarily set fixed. 7 inch true color large-screen LCD touch display, built-in calibration curves and powerful database management module, easy to operate; USB interface, data storage is not restricted, you can easily transfer the data saved to the computer .


1.imported semiconductor lasers and specific integrated driver chips, to ensure the stability of the sensor with high and long life;
2.adopts imported precision syringe pump sampling system, sampling and high precision;
3. positive / negative sample chamber device to achieve the high viscosity sample degassing and sample testing;

4. 24 test channels, with the detection of particle size distribution and statistical functions;
5. built GB/T14039, ISO4406, NAS1638, JBT9737.1, SAE749D, GJB420A, GJB420B, DL/T1096 other particulate contamination level standards and user-defined particle channel settings; built according to user requirements required standard;
6. according to GB/T18854-2002 (ISO11171-1999, JJG066-95), ISO4402, latex standard instrument calibration, calibration, and can achieve different standards between the size of the automatic conversion;

 7.built a dedicated relational database software and can query the desired result, data storage, unrestricted, intuitive display clarity. Meanwhile histogram analysis with data, analyze data conveniently;
 8. large screen TFT LCD display, Chinese menu prompts graphics, touch-screen operation, support for Chinese input, user-friendly interactive interface, giving customers a good user experience;
 9. External with USB interface for direct access to data through the U disk. But also to the RS232 serial port to connect a computer, the computer will be acquired prior to the analysis of internal data check printing;
 10. can be equipped with high-pressure pump, pressure up 1MPa, maximum viscosity 1500cSt
 11. can be used with maximum 2000ml large volume sampler

Technical indicators:


optical system Laser photoresist law, semiconductor laser light source
 Detection range 1μm (ISO4402) or 4μm (ISO11171) ~ 400μm
detection channels 24 channels, particle size of 1μm (ISO4402) or 4μm (ISO11171) ~ 100μm range arbitrarily set by the user, the interval 0.1μm
Sampling Method Bottle
Maximum sampling chamber vacuum 0.08MPa
Maximum sampling cabin pressure 0.7MPa
test sample viscosity 2 ~ 600cSt
test sample temperature 0 °C ~ 80 degree celsius
Sampling rate 5 ~100ml / min
Test Range 0 ~ 9999999 particles
 Accuracy   ± 5% specified value
 repeatability   RSD <2% (particle count> 1,000 / ml, 5ml sample)
 sample volume accuracy   <± 1%
 Resolution   better than 10% (GBT18854-2002)
 Best detectable concentration   0 ~ 18,000 / ml
 Display Operation   7-inch large-screen color LCD touch screen
  Data Output   built-in printer, RS232 interface, USB interface;
  database software   Provides data statistics, query, analysis, and storage capabilities
   Power   AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, <80W
   Ambient temperature   10 ~ 40 degree celsius