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Model Number: K-V01
Brand Name: K-home
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Body of Wall: PU sandwich panel
Souce of Power: Solar energy panel
Roof Color: Red Gray Blue White Green
Steel Type: Cold rolling galvanized steel
MOQ: 1 set



Henan K-home Steel Structure Co., Ltd is professional designer and manufacture of light steel structure villa, its main material is light steel keel which is made from Cold rolling hot-dip galvanization steel strip. This kind of house has been accurate calculated, support and combination by bolts accessories, and then get reasonable load bearing capacity. It is new environment friendly building house which have replaced the old concrete building.

Main components to construct light steel structure villa

l  Light steel frame structure

l  Wall structure

l  Floor structure

l  Roofing structure

The advantage of light steel structure villa:

Environment friendly: The steel material could be recycled, and the sandwich panel is energy-saving material( Insulated, heat-resistance, sound proof) which has highly reduced energy consumption to 40% of the old building house system. Very lower cost but higher performance.

Anticorrosion, mothproof.

Fire-proof, durable: All building material is incombustible, consider well about fire protection structural measure to get national fire-proof standard.

 Anti-seismic, wind resistance: Low dead weight, good anti-seismic because of steel structure feature, designed villa structure also consider well about the wind load and snow load etc. Light steel villa could resist storm wind and heavy snow.

About Parameters:

l  Anti-seismic: Not fell at earthquake magnitude 9.

l  Sound proof: 1. Wall sound insulation factor 45db

                      2. Floor impact sound pressure 70db

                      3.Sandwich panel thickness could be 40mm~200mm according of different weather.

l  Wind resistance: Wind load could bear Grade 12 typhoons(1.5KN/㎡).

l  Environment friendly: Steel plastic etc could recycle by 100%.

l  Safety: Strict permanent building design, could use 50 year for standard type.

Construction process of light steel structure villa:

In the construction process of light steel structure villa, firstly it should make light steel frame welded on the base foundation, secondly open window and door space by saw, thirdly inlaid all panel to steel frame and make agglutination fixed. For example, if it is 600 square meter three layer medium villa, it only need 12 workers to finish all main construction and exterior wall decoration and interior decoration within one month. Total construction time is only one-sixth of common concrete building, and it will have a most simple construction procedure because of light weight material and prefab panels. All procedure don't need big machinery, also reduce the labor intensity a lot.