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Usage: Drop Tester
Power: Electronic
Model Number: TW-262
Brand Name: Tony Instrument
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


This machine use DC magnetic control, the ball will be sucked automatically when it placed under the magnetic chuck, press the drop button, the ball will be free fall, impacting the test object surface. The falling height can be adjusted up or down, the drop height can be see by the height scale. The key components of the machine are made from Japan, reliable performance, multi-drop attachments, make your test accurate and effective.  

Standard: ASTM F963 8.7.4  Impact Test for Toys that Cover the Face

1.  Impact Height Range: 0-2000MM can be adjusted
2.  Control Method: DC electromagnetic control free-all test, impact single once
3.  Dimension of specimens:        50*120*60    60*120*80
4.  Test Height:Can be specified the height and drop the ball.
5.  Controll box: Sperate electronic magnetism steel install on the bottom
6.  Dimension: 500*500*1400MM
7.  Power supply: 220V 50Hz
8.  Stell ball weight: 15.8g Steel ball diameter 16mm  
9.  Weight: 65KG
10. Power: 40KW