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Work Time (h): 8-10hours
Solar Power (W): 10V/10W
Load Power (W): 10W
Output Voltage (V): 5V/6V
Application: Home
Specification: Mini
Model Number: GS-JNC10W
Brand Name: GS
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Lead-Acid Battery: 6V/7ah
LED Light: 2W/6V/12V 2PCS
FM: 5W Music Player:SD/U Disk
Controller Box: 6V/3A/ABS 170*75*185mm
Wire: 5m/24#


Potable solar lighting system 10w, FM radio & MP3 selective, with phone charger for hot sale

Application Range:

1. Those areas with electricity deficiency or no electricity.

2. Portable solar power system for travelling, residential lighting, field working, agriculture and forestry, 
island and fishing boat, border post, outdoor working and emergency power. 

3. Many country with strong sunlight and high electric charge from government.

4. For environmental protection power projects .

Mini home solar power system for home specification
Item No Type              Names of Modules            Parameters
1 GS-JCN10W Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Panel 10V/10W 300*250*18MM
Lead Acid Battery 6V/7AH
Control Box 6V/3A/ABS     170*75*185MM
LED Light 2W/6V/12V   2pcs
Light Wire 5M/24#
FM Maximum power:5W                                              Music player:SD/U Disk
Solar Panel Line 5M/24#
Output 5V/6V

Packing &shipping
Package Specification QTY/Set MOQ/Set

Package: 1 set/box               

Encasement: 4 sets/ctn                   

Color Box Size: 288*145*335MM                 

Carton Size:

NW: 2.98 kg/set                                       

GW: 3.49 kg/set           




Installation Instructions:

1. Press on the "ON/OFF" button to check the working indicator light. 

2. Plug the solar panel charging cable into the input port, then the charging indicator will lighten if the solar panel is being 
 put under the sun. Please check the connections of the device carefully and ensure the terminal connector is tightened,
 if the charging indicator does not light up. In the meanwhile, please note that the charging cable should be connected 
 in according to the indicating diagram, so that it can prevent the rainwater from flowing into the device.

3. Connect DC power appliances and electronic products with the device, and the system will work automatically.


1 [ Q: ] Are you factory?
[ A: ] We have our own factory,and we produce solar panel, controller and inverter, the battery is purchased
from other factory.
2 [ Q: ] How long have your company speciallized in this field?  
[ A: ] We begain in 2008, and speciallized in PV power generation.
3 [ Q: ] What advantages does your solar power system have?
[ A: ] Solar energy is a locally available renewable and free resource.Electricity produced by PV system is clean
and silent. What's more, the government has up to 40% allowance.
4 [ Q: ] What factors is related to generated energy of solar power system?
[ A: ] In addition to efficiency, another key point is the sunshine. The longer Sunshine time, the more generated
energy. It is related to the intensity of sunshine as well, it is less in the morning and at night, more at noon;
It is more in Summer and Autumn, less in Winter and Spring.
5 [ Q: ] What factors will influence the efficiency of solar power system?
[ A: ] Components efficiency of the system, weather,direction of the system, the installing angle, etc.