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Coil Number: Autotransformer
Coil Structure: Toroidal
Phase: Three
Usage: Electronic
Model Number: 150313
Brand Name: H&S
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Product Description


· Refrigerator

· Washer

· Multimedia sounds and any other electric appliance products

· Using low-power loss

· Silicon sheet steel design

· Small no-load loss

· Efficiency is high and temperature rising is low

· Ways of installing products has needle foot and support type

· Available specifications: 

EI 6 x 8/6 x 10/8 x 11/8 x 14/8 x 17/10 x 7/10 x 10/10 x 13/10 x 15/10 x 10 x 18/10 x 20/13 x 18/13 x 18/13

 x 20/13 x 22/13 x 26/16 x 8/16 x 16/16 x 20/16 x 22/16 x 24mm


Series Feature&Application(mode transformer)
EE applied in the switching power supply,main power transformer
EF applied in the switching power supply,main power transformer

Auxiliary powr transformer,main power transformer,choke coils

EPC  Auxiliary powr transformer,main power transformer

applied in the linear filter,choke,pulse transformer,drive transformer

UU varieties of switching power supply transformer,coke coils et

applied in the linear filter ,current tranformer,smoothing choke coil,drive transformer, switching power transformers.


filters, inductors and transformers for telecommunication other electronic equipment


filters for telecommunication equipment,and various kinds of inductors and transformers


Choke coils, Peaking coils, Linearity coils, Alarm coils, Power choke coils, Fixed choke coils, Filtering coils,etc;


Various kinds of transformers and chokes.

Toroidal Core(ring) Pulse and wide-band transformers, various types of filters, inductors and chokes.


 We can provide several of transformers  (power switching transformers, rectifier special-purpose transformer, power filter transformer, communication and new energy transformer, Chock coils, Linear transformer / reactor, LCD/LED TV transformer, inductor).Send your detailed specification we'll quote to you soon.