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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Model Number: MP205
Brand Name: Ricom
Style: Heated,Radiation Protection
Material: Plastic
Name: USB Hub Mouse Pad


USB Hub Mouse Pad,Promotion Mouse Pad,Illuminated Mouse Pad--MP205



1.web key: When the user presses on the Web key, it will directly go to the pre-designated website internally designed in the Web key.
2.Email key: one key to outlook by pessing this key
3.Caculator key:So convenient go to the caculator.
4.Off key:when you'd like turn off the PC,just use the key on the mouse pad.
5.Play or pause key;
6.Stop key;When you are listening or watching, press these two keys to control, do not need to control using your computer.
7.Volume+ key;
8.Volume- key;These two keys are used to control the volume of the computer;
9.3 port USB HUB:These additional interfaces will meet the high demand of USB ports most users require for their USB devices.
10.LED light decorate , that is helpful when used at night or in darker places.
11.Not support apple system.

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