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Usage: Auto Testing Machine
Power: Electronic
Model Number: ADN-20
Brand Name: ALIYIQI
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Max Load: 20N.m
Load index: 0.01N.m
Max speed: 6000rpm
Accuracy: 1%
G.W.: 8kg


ADN series digital dynamic torque tester is for testing and testing various dynamic torque and the design and manufacture of a kind of intelligent measuring instrument. Used for testing various motor reducer output torque and power, speed, precision testing equipment. Widely applied in all kinds of motor, machinery manufacturing, research institutions, etc.


1.Signal output waveform square amplitude optional 5V / 12V.
2.Boot 5 minutes into the working condition, do not need preheating course.
3.High accuracy, good stability and anti-jamming.
4.Need not repeated measurements can be zero for positive torque.
5.Small volume, light weight, easy to install.
6.Sensor can be used independently from the second instrument, so long as the socket pin number 200mA (± 15V provide the power supply, then) with torque output impedance is 7.proportional to the square of the pulse wave frequency or etc.