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Type: XPS Boards
Brand Name: Feininger
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Color: White/Light yellow / Blue /Green/ Pink, etc
Fire Glass: B1 ,B2 ,B3
Compression: 100-1000KPA
Working temperature: -50 ~ +75 Celsius
Marketing Name: xtruded polystyrene insulation ceiling board,iso foam insulation board


Product Description

XPS foam board is a kind of light weight rigid panel, its main raw materials is GPPS. Its cell structure is closed, continuous and alveolate, every cell wall is interlinked and consistent. This kind special structure makes the product have very good heat resistance, high humidity resistance, low water absorption, very good sound insulation, high compressive strength, creep resistance and good dimensional stability. The property of XPS foam board is stably and it is very light, easy to transport and cut. It is the best heat resistant materials in the world.

Feininger XPS Foam Board:

1.Stable performance and anti-aging: The extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards can be used 35-50 years.

2.Resistance to compression: compared with other thermal insulation material(200Kpa for EPS), it has better compressive strength(around 300Kpa), which make it the ideal solution for heavy domestic or industrial loads

3.Water resistance: Polyfoam is almost 100% closed cell and as such is unaffected by moisture

4.Lightweight: volume optimization and easy to handle

5.Resistance to deformation

6.Resistance to impact

7.Versatile: the closed cell structure and density of Polyfoam allow specific edge details and surface finishes to be cut into the boards to make them as fit for the job as possible. Moreover, Polyfoam can be cut into almost any shape 
100% ozone friendly

8.Recyclable: Polyfoam  can be 100% recycled 

9.XPS Insulation Board Production Process: Polystyrene Granule, Talcum Powder, Master batch, Blowing Agent are mixed and melted in Extruder. The melt material will be extruded out of Slot Die, then through Calibrator, we reach a panel shape. After cooling, cutting, edge trimming, we will pack in water-proof plastic bag. This is the XPS Foam Board in market.

10.Properties:Heat Insulation, Water-proof, Noise-elimination, Anti-corrosion, Anti-aging, Light-weight, High Compressive Strength and Low Moisture permeability.

11.Application: Wall Insulation, Inverted Roof Insulation,  Floor Insulation, Sanwich Panel, Steel Plate Sandwich Panel, PVC Sandwich Panel, Cold Storage Insulation, Refrigeratory, Airport Ground, High speed Rail-way Base.

12.Specification:  Thickness: 20-120mm    Width: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm   Length:1200mm, 2400mm, 3000mm or your option Color: light-yellow, blue, green, pink   Loading: 65 M3/40'HQ