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Mechanical Life: life expectancy greater than 10 million
Max. Voltage: 250v
Max. Current: 30A
Size: 86*86mm
Model Number: ESS-30
Brand Name: ORBITA
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certificate: CE/FCC
Card Type: IC/Magnetic/RF/Temic
Color: white
current: 30A
voltage: AC 100V-150V,180V/250V
Brand: orbita
lead time: 3-5 days
Warranty: 1 year
origin: china
Size: 86*86mm


Hotel Key Card Lock Key card switch

1. Basic Parameter

Insert card switch Size:  86mm*86mm

Controlling box size: L210mm*W110mm*H50mm

Input/ Output Voltage:  AC 100V-150V/ AC180V-240V

For Mifare card type: ESS-40

For Temic RF card type: ESS-30

For IC card type: ESS-10

For Magnetic card type: ESS-11

For general use: ESS-00

Orbita supply energy saving switches which can be operated by insertion of a hotel room door key card or a special key fob or tag. These energy saving switches reduce energy costs and produce a speedy return on investment. Our switches work with the major hotel access control equipment produced by manufacturers such as Vingcard, Onity, Kaba, Cisa etc.

Hotel card key switch turns electrical circuits on or off when a key card is inserted or removed from its slot. Energy-efficient hotel card key switch, helping the hospitality industry reduce energy consumption in empty hotel rooms.

This assures that when guests are not in their room, energy will not be wasted on lights or appliances left on. When a guest enters a room, guests key card is inserted into a docking station. After the key card is inserted, infrared signal is obstructed or RF contactor/non-contactor is activated subsequently "energizes" the hotel guest room. When the key card is removed from its dock, the controlled circuits will have power for another 15 seconds to allow safe exit from the room before power is turned off. To restore power to the rooms controlled circuits; reinsert the hotel key card into the card key switch. 


By reducing the amount of energy exhausted on lighting, heating and cooling unoccupied rooms, with hotel card key switch, hotel owners can reduce energy consumption up to 30 percent. When factoring lower power bills, the hotel can recoup initial installation costs in less than 4 years. Architects and contractors can now modernize a hotel without running wires to the controls. No special wiring or networking expertise is required. 

In a word, with Hotel Card key switch, facilities managers in the hospitality industry can easily comply with current energy save without compromising guest comfort and satisfaction