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Type: XPS Sandwich Panels
Panel Material: Metal
Brand Name: Feininger
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Panel Material: Metal
Density: 30-50 kg/m3
Heat Conductivity: <=0.028 W/m.K


 XPS Cold Room Panel

1. Outer materails specification,

    1) Two sides: painted steel sheet, stainless steel sheet or hot-galvanized steel sheet for customers' option 
    2) Thickness(mm): 0.32~1.5mm

    3) Color: According to customer requirement, default is milk white.
    4) Width: 980mm, 1180mm
    5) Length:According to customer requirement, the max length is 8700mm.


2. Sandwich core: Polystyrene (XPS)
   Density: 30-50(kg/m3)
   Thickness(mm): 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm

3. Fireproof:According to customer requirement,  we have B1, B2, B3 grade



Comparison with PU 


Material Feininger XPS cold room panel PU cold room panel
Compressive strength (kpa) 250-1000 250
Thermal conductivity (W/(M.K)) <=0.023 <=0.026
Water absorption <=1.5% <=6%
Obturator rate >=95% >=85% (I Class) and >=90% (II Class) 
Toxicity of raw materials Non-toxic (has been used in a lunch box Toxicity
Construction Factory controls the quality, no need to on-site control Difficult to control internet defects during on-site foaming
Flame retardancy B1 Grade Difficult to reach B1 Grade


 On-site PU foam spraying takes a lot of foaming gas like F141B which is inflammble and explosive. since the air is filled with foaming gas during  spraying, a little spark may cause fire or explosion.

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Packing Way of XPS Cold Room Panel 

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