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Usage: Strength Testing Machine
Power: Electronic
Model Number: TNJ-017
Brand Name: HTI
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
chair test machine: durability test
strength test: furniture performance test


Office Chair Seat and Backrest Durability Tester TNJ-017 

Office Chair Seat Back durability tester is used for testing the strength and durability of office chair. Made of Aluminum material frame, PLC contral, easy operation; high precision force sensor for the load application.

Seat and chair back durability combined tester.

Test Items:

Seat and back Staic load test: test consisting of heavy loads being applied a few times to ensure that furniture has sufficient strength under the highest levels of loading that might reasonably be expected to occur.

Seat and back Fatigue test:Test simulating the repeated application of loads or movement of components occurring during long-term functional use.

This test appratus do the durability test to chair seat and backrest by simulating the loading application to the chair as daily use.First use the seat loading pad to apply the certain loading to the seat surface, then the back loading pad to the backrest, then loading unload to finish one cycle of test, repeat the loading movment some times and certian cycles according to different test requirement, to determin the durability permance of chairs.

Relevant parameters

Loading Sensor: 2500N (2nos) and 1000N (2nos) (or specified by customer)

Load force solution: 1/10000

System test force accuracy: ±1%(static) ; ±5%(dynamic)

Test speed: 10~30 cycles per minute (adjustable)

Loading cycle: 0~999999 adjustable 

Power: 1AC 220V 50Hz 5A,3KW

Accessories: Seat loading pad 1 set; Back loading pad 1set;  Stationary fixture 1 set.

BS EN 581-2 B.2.1.1 and B.2.1.2,EN 1728; BIFMA X5.1,QB/T2280 /GB 10357.3; and BS EN 1335.