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Drawtube: Binocular
Theory: Biological Microscope
Model Number: Xtd-12
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Stereoscopic Effect: Cylindrical Shaped Lens
Stereomicroscope: Polarizing Microscope
Number of Cylinder: Binoculars: Stereoscopic Effect: Stereoscopic Effect
CE, ISO9001, SGS: 100-500X


Product Description
Stereo Microscope
Fixed times stereo microscope can produce three dimensional image for the observed objects.It's much widely due to the advantages of better stereoscopic,clear and wide image,long working distance,various reflex and transmitted light can be choosed according to different oberved objects.
The apparatus for these Stereo Microscope series is reliable,easy operation and beautiful appearance.It's much popular for teaching demonstration, biological Anatomy, observation and analysis.Due to the higher resolution and greater clarity of the scope of the field of view,it can be used for electronics and precision machinery parts assembling and testing, the seeds of agricultural inspection.

XTD-12 XTD -13 XTD -24
magnification 10×/20× 10×/30× 20×/40×
eyepiece 10× 10× 10×
objective 1×/2× 10×/30× 20×/40×
Working distance 110mm 102mm 90mm