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Welded Razor Barbed Wire is a new type of fence products in resent years, made by welding after weft arrangement, which is very strong and durable along with the new feature on protecting and isolation. .The sword type is beautiful in design and useful in protecting, in addition, there is a good advantage of prevention and construction.

Description: Razor wire mesh fence and the Blade stinging mesh fence.

Material Quality of wire: the high quality hot dip galvanized high carbon steel wire ,hot dip galvanizing medium carbon steel wire, stainless steel.

Material Quality of plat: the high quality galvanized steel and stainless steel.

There are two types of the razor barbed wire, the BTO and the CBT.
BTO Serious: BTO-10, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30
CBT Serious: CBT-60, CBT-65
The most commonly used model in China is the BTO-22, other models can also be customized.

The Wire Process: It is the combination products, of which the razor blade is made up by the angle of galvanized steel or stainless steel, combined with the core wire made by the steel wire.

The process on the surface:
There is various of ways of the surface process, such as the Zinc, Power, PVC coating, etc.
The cost of the PVC coating is higher than the Zinc, when this material is heated, it will be soften, after cooling and solidifying it can be the pattern, called the physical
molten plastic into the membrane. The plastic-coated products are mainly used indoors, while the PVC ones used out of the door. Mainly used the thermoplastic powder, so it is widely applied to the military area, the jail, the government agency, the bank, the highway, railway guardrail and the borderline.
The product of the dip-coating is the new generation product of the traditional film ,which is corrosion resistant ,antirust, acidroof alkali, moistureproof, insulating ,anti
-aging, environmental and long-lasting.It is based on the stainless steel, and uses the weather resistance polymer resin as the outer layer, the thickness is 0.5~1.0mm.

It is widely used in the military area, the jail, the government agency, the bank, the living area ,the private residence ,the villa ,doors and windows the highway, the railway guardrail and the borderline. etc.