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Type: Float Glass
Technique: Laminated Glass
Structure: Solid
Shape: Flat
Function: Bulletproof Glass,Decorative Glass
Model Number: ZONZI-L002
Brand Name: ZONZI
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Max Size: 2440*3660mm or Customized
Thickness: Customized
Colors: Clear, Green, Bronze, Gray, Blue, Pink
Delievry Time: Within Two or Three Weeks


1)Products name: Construction Safety Laminated Glass with CE Certificate
2)Material: Float glass
3)Size: 2440*3660mm or customized
4)Thickness: 5+0.78pvb+5mm or customized
5)Color: Clear color
6)Applications: It is widely used in bus station, subway station, bank, airport, hotel and showroom and so on, the place where needs safety glass. Such as doors and windows curtain wall ceiling pedestal-supported panel furniture showcase and counter of building aquaria and large glass wall
1.Seaworthy non-fumigation wooden crate reinforced by steel strip. 
2. Protective film between glass

Production :
PVB and resin laminated glass: PVB laminated glass is two or more sheets of glass which are bonded together with one or more layers (PVB) under heat and pressure to form a single piece. Resins laminated glass is manufactured by pouring liquid resin into the cavity between two sheets of glass which are held together until the resin cures.

Laminated glass is formed as s sandwich of 2 sheets of glass bonded to a tough and thermoplastic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. It is also a safety material against destroy and theft without frament splashing down when broken.