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Surface Treatment: Foil Decoration,PE Coated,PVDF Coated,Powder Coated
Function: Anti-Static,Fireproof,Mould-Proof
Usage: Indoor
Model Number: MS-113
Brand Name: MasCei
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certificate: ISO9001:2008,TUV
Length: 1000mm-5000mm
Width: 1220mm-1500mm
Color: customized
Total thickness: 6.0mm,10.0mm,15.0mm,20.0mm, 25.0mm


Aluminium Wall Cladding Panel And Aluminium Curtain Wall Panel

Aluminium panel of curtain wall is made by adopting high strength aluminium alloy. The panel is mainly composed of veneer, aluminium alloy reinforced rib and aluminium angle bracket. Reinforced ribs is connected with welding screw, this will make them become firm, and enhance intension and rigidity of aluminium single plate. Enhance the smoothness, wind-resistance, antiseismic ability of aluminium panel in long-term usage. If you need to make it with sound insulation, heat preservation, you can install sound insulation and heat preservation materials inside the aluminium panel.


Item Aluminium wall cladding panel
   Material Aluminium alloy (A1001H24,A3003H24,A5005H24 )
   Length ≤6000mm ( according to your detailed drawings)
   Width ≤1800mm  ( according to your detailed drawings)
 Thickness 0.8-6.0mm( according to your detailed drawings)
   Surface PVDF coated or PE ,powder coated
    Color metallic color, Faux wooden,Faux Marble color, etc
   Pattern plain or perforated
  Packaging wooden box


15 days after receiving the deposit
 Application Interior and exterior decoration, pillar, balcony, partition package decoration, indoor and outdoor decoration and advertisement signs



1) light weight, good rigidity, high strength.

2) does not burn, fire resistance.

3) surface weathering performance excellent and UV resistant, acid, alkali resistant performance, in the outdoor under normal conditions, do not fade warranty for a period of 15 years.

4) good processing, can be processed into a flat, curved surface and spherical surface,tower and other complex shape.

5) contamination is not easy, easy cleaning, maintenance.

6) color optional wide, excellent decorative effect.

7) easy recovery, no pollution, environmental protection.

Company Information

MasCei is an industry leader in the manufacture of aluminium panel, ceiling, decorative panels, and other metal panels. Founded in 1997, MasCei often sets the bar for its technological expertise and innovation as well as attentiveness to the needs of its customers in the industry. 
Our chief products are our high quality aluminium panels. These products, with their light weight, rich selections of painting colors and patterns, their strength, their high resistance to weather and age, and the convenience in their installation and transportation, are widely used as walls, ceilings, curtains as well as interior decoration. Always easy to clean and maintain, these panels are well liked by clients,also easy to recycle, MasCei's products are meant to have minimal impact on the environment. Relatedly, MasCei also excels in various painting and coating techniques and offers this service in conjunction or independent of sales of our metal panels.