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Model Number: 04
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Measurement Range: 0.1 L/Second ~ 99999.99 M3/H
Cumulative Flow: Max: 4,290,000,000.00 M3
Level Maximum Range: 3m
Level Measurement: 0.5%
Resolution: 3mm or 0.1%(Take The Bigger One)
Analog Output: 4-Wire 4 ~ 20mA
Relay Output: Option) Group 2 AC 220V / 8A or DC 24V / 5A
Power Supply: 24VDC 100mA; Optional 220V AC + 15% 50Hz.
Operating Ambient: Display Meter -20 ~ + 60 C, The Probe -20 ~ + 80c
Workplace Stress: Standard Atmospheric Pressure


            Ultrasonic  Open Channel  flow meter 

        As the Company through the air using ultrasonic instruments to non-contact measurement 

method. Therefore, under dirt, corrosive liquid condition, than contact type instrument, with higher

 reliability and durability.

Technical parameter

Function integrated type Split-type
Measurement range 0.1 L/second ~ 99999.99 m3/H
Cumulative flow Max: 4,290,000,000.00 m3
Level maximum range 3m
Level Measurement Accuracy 0.5%
Resolution 3mm or 0.1%(take the bigger one)
Flow measurement accuracy Standard weir tank is 1 to 5% (weir tank and channels meet the national standard requirement)
Non-standard weir tank is 10 to 30 percent.
Analog Output 4-wire 4 ~ 20mA / 750Ω load
Relay output (Option) Group 2 AC 220V / 8A or DC 24V / 5A,
Power supply Standard 24VDC 100mA; optional 220V AC + 15% 50Hz.
Power supply (Optional item) 12VDC, battery-powered,
Operating ambient temperature Display Meter -20 ~ + 60 oC, the probe -20 ~ + 80 oC
Workplace stress Standard atmospheric pressure
Operating humidity ≤90% RH, non-condensing
Process temperature -20~80oC;
Process pressure Standard atmospheric pressure
Communication Optional 485,232 communication, MODBUS protocol
Protection class Display IP67, probe IP68 Display meter IP65, probe IP68
Probe cable no Standard 10 meters and the maximum is 100 m
Probe mounting dimensions M48 × 2mm screw + supporting nuts
Probe material ABS is standard, and in a corrosive environment to use PTFE materials.