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Wattage: 201 - 300w
Design: Brushless
Voltage: 48V
Name: High Torque Low Speed 12'' Geared Hub Motor
Rim Size: 12 inch
Rated Power: 120-250w
Rated Current: 7A
Rated Speed: 550 rpm
Rated Torque: 5-20 N.M.
Efficiency: >80%
No-load Speed: 600 rpm
Tyre: Inflate-free tyre
Diameter with tyre: 320mm


High Torque Low Speed 12'' Geared Hub Motor

Brushless And Geared 12 Inch Hub Motor



Rim size

12 inch

Rated voltage

DC 24/36/48v

Rated power


Rated Current


Rated Speed

550±10 rpm

Rated Torque

5-20 N.M.



No-load Speed

600±10 rpm

No-load Current

< 1A


Inflate-free tyre

Diameter with tyre



6±0.2 kg

Environment Temperature


Storage Temperature


Storage Humidity


1. Brushless and gear design.                                            

2. Low noise, high efficiency, waterproof and long lifetime.      

3. Vacuum tyre, single and double shaft.                       


1. Wheel: standard international A356 aluminum heat treatment.                                                                                 
2. Magnetic steel: standard 38H                                              

3. Iron core: DW350 lamination                                                 

4. Hall: Honeywell can resist high temperature: 150



Company Information:

Chengdu lunyee Industries Development Co. Ltd ,the professional hub motor supplier from China for many years.

1. We can supply various size hub motor, such as 5", 6", 8", 9", 10", 12", 13", 14.5", 15"etc. Customized also welcomed.

2. The voltage of hub motor we can supply includes 24v, 36v, 48v and 48-144v.

3. The max power of hub motor we can supply is 3000w.

4. Range of hub motor speed is 300-1200rpm.

5. All of hub motor is motor with vacuum air tyre.

6. Big quantity purchase will have more price surprise.

7. We also supply the hub motor kit, such as throttle, controller,brake lever, disc brake and LCD monitor. 

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