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Material: Steel
Model Number: Q-Rod
Brand Name: QHP
Place of Origin: Vietnam



Threaded Rod is used to connect the ME system to the floor, commonly used in construction, plumbing, decoration, etc.




Diameter (M) : 6mm - 22mm

Length (Le)    : 50mm - 3000mm

Grade            : 4.6 ; 5.6 ; 8.8

Surface: Galvanized


OEM is available if you provide us your drawing or sample.


Connecting threaded rods with  which were attached into the ceiling - A alternative solution for the ceiling system:




QH Plus Corporation has 08 years experience as a professional manufacturer.


We specialize in manufacturing and trading steel, construction materials, construction accessories and providing construction-related services.


Recognizing the high physical risks in the current concrete lifting methods in Vietnam, QH Plus has imported techniques from developed nations such as Germany, Japan and then customized them in compliance with strict technical requirements to fit the demand for human safety in the market.


Additionally, QH Plus also supplies customers with many optimal solutions characterized by unique features leading to more safety and cost efficiency. These construction accessories widely vary in application including connecting, reinforcing and fastening building components.



 With the desire to promote a healthy construction industry, QH Plus has been continuously striving for innovative, efficient and practical solutions.

  • Promoting human safety in construction
  • Reducing labor and material costs
  • Quality meeting international specifications
  • Shortening implementation time
  • Simplifying implementation processes


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