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Application: Industrial Magnet
Shape: star
Composite: Neodymium Magnet
Type: Permanent
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


 Strong Sintered NdFeB/Neodymium Magnet

the sintered NdFeB magnets is the important industrail product to promote technological and

social progress and is mainly composed of Neodymium, Iron ,boron and other

microelements (Al, Ga, Mo,Co). It is known as " King of magnet".

A. specification

1.material : sintered NdFeB magnets

2.grade: N35-N52, N38M-N50M, N35H-N48H, N33SH-N44SH, N30UH-N40UH, N30EH-N35EH,


3.shape: ring, block ,arc.disc and as your requirement

4.size: customized

5.magnetization direction: thickness, axial, radial

6.surfaceing coating : Zn, Ni. double Ni. Ni+Cuz+Ni ,epoxy and so on

B. Advantage

a. Chemical Composition: Nd2Fe14B: Neodymium magnets are hard, brittle and easily corrode;

b. Moderate Temperature Stability: Neodymium magnets lose -0.09~-0.13%of Br/°C. Their working

stability is under 80°C for low Hcj Neodymium magnets and above 220°C for high Hcj Neodymium


c. Excellet Strength Value: The highest(BH)max reaches up to 51MGO.


memo,toy,lab , sensors, speakers, brushless motor, DC motor, Step motor, wind turbine/wind generator, magntic hooks, magnetic filter, cup magnet, Automobiles, magnetic coupling, magnetic chuch, permanent

magnetic lift, and so on.

D. the physical properties

Density 7.45g/cm3
Reversible Temp.Coeff -0.11%/ oC
Curie Temperature 310~340oC
Hardness 600Hv
Resistivity 144 cm
Compressibility 9.8x10 -12m2/N
Tensile Strength 8.0kg/mm
Flexure Strength 25kg/mm
Specific Heat 0.12kCal(kg.oC )