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Warranty: 3Years
Model Number: LED-GRT-016A
Brand Name: Golden
Certification: CE
Lamp Type: LED
Voltage: 12V
Type: Headlight


  1. Golden lightsTM features a high intensity wide-angle light spread and is easy to mount.
  2. Brighter,low consumption,long service time.
  3. Use special microchip controlling circuit.
Standard Model:
  1. DC12V
  2. Product Dimensions:250mmx105mmx57mm
  3. Total 6 high intensity Linear leds,3 pcs 1W LEDs per module,2 LED modules in total
  4. Adopting Linear Gen3rd 1W led's
  5. Max Power:6W
  6. Flash settings:1~4HZ
  7. Mounting:Windshield mount with easy adjustable mounting brackets
  8. 4 large suction cups for quick screen mount
  9. Cigarette plug with power and mode switch
  10. 15 kinds flashing patterns, synchronized working,pattern memory
  11. Life span:30000hrs
  12. 3 years warranty on GoldenTM Lightheads
  13. Meets CE,Rohs,ISO14001 Specifications
  14. Working temperature can be -45℃ to 55℃
  1. DC12 or 24V
  2. RED,BLUE,AMBER,WHITE,Green and the combination color optional