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Screen Dimension: customizing
Pixels: 810121620mm
Display Function: Video
Tube Chip Color: Full Color
Usage: Indoor
Model Number: ATA
Brand Name: Auroled
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
material of carbinet: aluminum
pixel comfiguration: 1R1G1B
weight: 12kg/sm
transparency: 68%-90%
max consumption: 750w/sm
average consumption: 350w/sm
brightness: 2500nit
refresh rate: 1500HZ
scan mode: 1/2,1/4


Transparent Led, namely glass LED screen.It is formed by deduct or change materials to pursue better transperency. And usally it is installed on glass, so we also call it glass LED screen.skyp:iamvivianlee, iamvivianleelzy*gmai*

ATA   for customizing abnormity
        Auroled can customize various abnormity on the base of strip module and
        customizing PCB, such as cone, bigger arc and S shape apply to
        shopping mall, hotel, transport center etc.

   Auroled have researched and developed the side-lighting (4010), and also we got the patent.From the facade, we barely can see the light strip.Auroled side-lighting can be mounted the light by machine with better transparency and higher manufacturing efficiency.


High transparency
   The larger the pixel is, the higher the transparency is.
Generally the transparency of LED screen can  reach to 45%, but Auroled, take P10 for an exanple, can reach to 80%, the highest can reach to 90%.


Small pixel
   The smaller the pixel is, the higher the definition is when LED screen plays video. Generally the smallest pixel of LED screen is 8mm, but for Auroled it can be 5mm,and we also can do 4mm.


Customizing abnormity
   With the development of LED screen, abnormity has been a common mode, but some special abnormity still be hard in this field, such as cone, bigger arc and S shape etc. However, Auroled can customize various abnormity on the base of strip module and customizing PCB, most important of all, it will not make any extra cost


less dependence on keel
Generally, every other 320mm~640mm on horizon,960mm~2880mm on vertical, the LED screen must be supported by keel and circuit. it will affect the transparency and impression. However Auroled got light strip module and unique design of circuit, it can support at most 1920mm on horizon, 5200 on vertical without keels. That makes better transparency and viewing impression.


The height of regular module is about 25cm.Once out-of-control point or other part of the light break down, customer have to change the whole module.But to Auroled transparent series, just change the single strip broken. That is easier,faster and lower cost than others.


Most LED manufactor install screen with UV glue, which costs much and soon will get aging and fall off, or worse hidden problem.However Auroled transparent series do not have to rely on galss, it can be hang and assemble by itself, and also can be used as TV screen, AD player screen and closet screen etc with high security and low cost.


HD display: smallest pixel pitch, amazing imaging.
Customer-made: various shapes due to special design for structure.
High transparency: can reach to 90%.
Application sites: shopwindow, the facade of glass wall,pedestrian street,canopy of grand building,shopping mall etc.