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Model Number: ADP
Brand Name: Auroled
Place of Origin: Chile
pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
brightness: 1000nit
refresh rate: 1200Hz
gray scale: 16bit
pixel density: 284444
max consumption: 750W/sqm1200w
average consumption: 300W/aqm(1200w)
shortest viewing distance: 2m
best viewing angel: 160


COB: chip on board
     Mounting the RGB chip on the PCB. It is a brand-new technique for mounting the PCB of full-color LED, which based on the planar technique for mounting the chip and accurate dispensing technique.


Auroled smart portable series advertising player is easy to carry after folded, which is a perfect substitute for traditional rol up is recycling,energy saving and environment protection,while its dynamic picture make the advertising effect more attractive.
small advertising tool,suitable for various application scenarios.
intelligent cluster monitoring,the control ceter can real-time,monitor the working state,warn and report fault automatically.

integration of small size,easy to install
portable and foldable
support U disk playing and wifi controlling
support video format,static picure format
can be cluster controlled
display area size of 720*1800mm appropriate

SMD lamp is easily to be damage when it is hit, while COB will not be like that

COB screen can be wiped with rag when it is splashed, while SMD can't be
done like that.

COB got a good dust-proof performance, while SMD doesn't get that.

High refresh
perfect details, no flash for photographing.

neat appearance
power and signal cord is buit-in the cabinet.

√  own patent of COB,grasp the core technology.
√  qualified raw material, guarantee for the quality of products.
√  delicate manufacturing technique,low breakdown rate.
√  resolve the biggest hidden problem of LED-reflow soldering.
√  anti-collision, anti-dust,humid-proof.
√  good at heat dissipation,low light-failure.
√  bigger lighting angel,and larger viewing angel.
√  easy for maintenance.
√  able to save power and protect the environment.