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Usage: Window
Model Number: ABI60-764
Brand Name: ALEAN
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Infrared Light Barrier Fence Outdoor Wireless Alarm Up To 60Meters

Brief Introduction : ABI Series Infrare fence barrier is widely used for window, garage alarm intrusion. 

There are different detecting distance for client optional, 10mts, 30mts, 60mts, 100mts, 

Also different size of the barrier, mini zie 48CM, Meddium size 72cm, 108cm, 148cm, longgest height 204cm. 

It can satisfied for different environment requirement.


Alean ABI Series Fence barrier had improved for the material, housing, inner technology, second time waterproof, the barrier life time would be longer than the old one. 

A/B Frequency, ensure the signal more stable and anti-false alarm.


Default  Model NO : ABI60-764.

Infrared Distance :  up to 60Meters.

Brand:                    Alean

Certificate:           CE/FCC/RoHS Approved.

ABI 140CM Series

Model ABI10- 764 ABI30- 764 
ABI60- 764 
ABI100- 764 
Number of Beams 4Beams 4Beams 4Beams 4Beams
Height 76CM 76CM 76CM 76CM
Detecting Distance outdoor   10Meters  30Meters 60Meters 100Meters
  • Multiple Interactive infrared beams shooting. Adjacently 2 beams interruption detection.
  • NC/NO relay output.
  • Easy alignment with visual LED indicator and audible buzzer
  • High quality aluminum alloys cover.
  • Resistant to rain, fog, snow and frost.
  • Digital frequency conversion.
  • CPU microprocessor, good performance against outdoor interference. 
  • AGC pure digital circuit design, DSP digital chip programming, really reduce false alarm
  • Horizontal optical angle can be easy to adjust (180°)

 Technical parameters:

Model ABI10-482 ABI30- 764 ABI60- 764 ABI100- 764
Outdoor distance 10m 30m 60m 100m
Indoor distance 60m 60m 60m 60m
Number of beams 4Beams 4Beams 4Beams 4Beams
Optical source Digital infrared pulse
Response  40m/s
Alarm Output common (NC&NO)   contact rating AV/DC   30V/0.5A
Alarm Output-BUS RS-485
Working voltage DC 11~18V;AC 8~18V
Working current 60mA 80mA 80mA 80mA
Longevity model 30mA 40mA 40mA 40mA
Temperature -25℃~55℃
Humidity 5%~95% (RH)
Anti-fog Visibility≥5m ,Effective protection distance≥90%
Tamper Output (NC)   contact rating AV/DC   24V/0.5mA
Vertical light beam adjusting ±2°
Housing material  PC
Anti-dew/frost Heating cover (optional)
Length 76cm