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Model Number: UVZ
Brand Name: U-ideal
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Production Process: Normal Wirewound
Output Signal Type: Digital Type
Accuracy: 0.25
Connection Type: Radial Direction
Structure: Fluid Column Pressure Gauge


Capacitive Level Sensor
Capacitive level sensor is a new product with reliable working, simple calibration, convenient mounting, compact outline. This instrument solves the problems on temperature change, difficult calibration, stick of traditional capacitive level sensor widely applied in level alarm control especially in the environment of high temperature, strong corrosion, strong sticky, and dusty. It has more obvious advantage compared with other same instruments.
Small volumn, lower weight
Compact structure, reasonable design, easy mounting
Easy calibration
High sensitivity, automatically resist
Influence and release height adjustment
It can work in high temperature, strong corrosion, strong sticky, dusty environment.
Application widely in liquid and solid.
Working temperature: -40-300 degree
Working pressure: 4.0 Mpa
Power supply: 85-265 VAC, 18-36VDC
Working consume: <2.5 W (AC220V), < 0.8W (DC24V)
Output signal: Normally open and closed contact
Contact volunm: 5A
Sensor material: 1 Cr18Ni9Ti, 304 stainless steel, Tetrafluoroethylene, high temperature chinaware
Connection method: Screw or flange
Mounting method: Top or side
Protection class: IP67
Explosion-proof class: Exd II CT4
Water, different waste water, chemical medicament, petroleum, crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, crude coal, coal powder, coal slurry, cement, activator, ore, glass, corn and etc. (liquid, solid, slurry)
Typical application: High and low level alarm of dust storage, powder storage, and coal storage.

Name floating level transmitter
output 2-wire 2~20mA, switching alarm, LCD, Hart optional
Load 0~500
Level range H=0.1~30m(special assemble if longer than 6m)
Accuracy A:+/-5mm, B: +/-10mm, C: +/-20mm
Fluid temperature -20~150oC
Electric Power DC 24V

Model selection
UQK-B floater level transmitter
Accuracy A 5mm
B 10mm
C 20mm
1 float ball diameter:45mm. H1=40mm, H2=30mm
2 76mm, H1=50mm, H2=40mm
3 125mm, H1=80mm, H2=65mm
F flange
P angle plate bracket
S screw
A adjustable screw is optional
Other function
P pressure <0.6MPa
E explosion-proof
S Digital display