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Diameter of Tube: 5.5mm
Material of Tube: Stainless Steel
Tube of Length: 600mm, as you wish
Model: 2.4Ghz Wireless or WiFi
Direction Articulated: 2-Way 360 Degree
Rotation Angel: 350+/-10 degree
Waterproof: IP65


Mini handheld 5.5mm Stainless Steel Rigid Articulating Inspection Camera/Videoscope/Borescope/Endoscope

Usage of Articulating Rigid Articulating Inspection Camera/Videoscope/Borescope/Endoscope

This is an articulated rigid introscope, as an quipamientos industriales, it wildely used in auto maintenance and production, engine inspection, plane repair, emergency rescue,army exploration, pipeline detection, sewerage maintenance, and in any deep area that cann't reach by human hands.

Specification of Rigid Articulating Inspection Camera/Videoscope/Borescope/Endoscope

  1. 2 way directions articulating
  2. Articulated camera head adjusts up to 350° viewing angle
  3. The camera head could rotate 180° right and left, and the rotation angles could be shown in rotary switch
  4. Tube Sizes: 5.5mm Diameter, 600mm length
  5. Tube Material: Can be Stainless steel or soft rubber/plastic Tube
  6. Bending Angle Diameter: 35mm-55mm
  7. Video: https://
  8. IP67 waterproof
  9. 2 Model: Can be WiFi transmission or 2.4Ghz Wireless transmission
  10. One-key on/off and adjustable LED brightness, the most bright light in industrial borescope area by now.
  11.  3.5 inch TFT-LCD monitor can be optional, supports up to 32GB microSD card
  12. Total length of this introscope:  0.95-1.35 meter, as your requirement.

Welcome to contact Bonnie Moe for further information:)