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Warranty: 3Years
Model Number: CWS-05A
Brand Name: MITAI
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Width (mm): 460
Height (mm): 75
Type: Carport
Product Name: Automatic Parking Lock
Working Power(battery): 6V 7AH
Static Current: 3.5MA
Working Current: 3.5A
Power Voltage: DC 6V
Work Time /Recharge: 3 months
Up or Down Time: 6s
Ascending Height: 420mm
Descending Height: 75mm
G.W: 9.5kg


Parking Lock CWS-05A


Parking Barrier/ Parking Barrier Gate/ Smart Parking System/ Car Parking System/Smart Parking/ Parking System/Smart Car Parking System/ Parking Barrier/ Parking/ Parking Lock/ Parking Lot Barrier/ Parking Equipment

Main Features:

1. Easy to Install.

2. Easy to Use.

3. Durable, Good Performance.

4. Noise-free.

5. High quality steel pipe, high pressure spray-paint 

Technical Parameters

Product Name

Automatic Parking Lock

Model No.


Working Power(battery)

6V 7AH

Static Current


Working Current


Power Voltage


Work Time /Recharge

3 months

Up or Down Time


Ascending Height


Descending Height


Remote Controlled Distance


Environment Temperature

-30°C ~70°C







Carton Size


Container Capacity

750 sets/20'ft , 1620 sets/40'ft

Product Descriptions

1.  Easy to Install.

Battery powered, without wire, just fix parking lock on to the ground by expansion bolts, then that is ok.

2. Easy to Use.

Put the button on remote control in order to let parking lock down up to lay flat, then drive your vehicle into parking space. When leaving, put the button again to avoid the troubles of parking space to be occupied by others. 

3. Rechargeable Battery with Long Continuous Use.

The parking lock is powered by rechargeable battery. You don't need to recharge it. Only when without sunshine more than 3 months, need you recharge it.

4. Durable, Good Performance.

Adopting high quality steel rolling which can bear Max. 5 ton weight. With spray plastic coating, it is waterproof, rustproof and dustproof enough to last about 5 years in severe weather. Not easy to deform even it is crushed by vehicle. Not easy to fade even in the water for half a year.

5.  Alarm, Burglarproof.

The expansion bolts are placed inside, not to be removed without the key. In case someone tries to remove it without permission, the parking lock will alarm loudly to remind its owner to avoid stolen.

6. 180 Degrees Anti-collision.

In case a vehicle hit the parking lock from its front side, the sway arm will be forced to close down with alarm sound, which will protect both vehicle and the parking lock.

7. Anti-disconnecting for Power Safety.

The power connection is anti-disconnecting design in case the user misplaces the battery causing short circuit.

8. Noise-free.

The transmission design on motor makes almost zero noise, which is good for battery and motor longevity and less friction, also goods for quiet environment.

9. Manual control without power.

In case the power is off, just manually control the parking lock in emergency.