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Usage: Physical & Mechanical Test Instrument
Power: Electronic
Model Number: HTP-001
Brand Name: HTI
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Capacity: 50 kg (5,10,20,100,200kg or specified)
Load accuracy: +-1%(+-0.5%)
Switch unit: Kgf,lbf,N
Load solution: 1/10,000
Test speed: 100~500mm/min
Displacement: 0.01mm
Max stroke: 650mm/800mm/1000mm
Power:: 220V.60Hz, 24Am
Dimension: 500*460*1520mm
Weight: 100 KG


This machine can widely apply to a variety of different textile materials and wood, shoes, tires, rubber tubes, triangular tape, plastic sheeting, plastic sheeting, packaging films, acrylic, FRP, ABS, EVA, PV and other products , semi-or dumbbell-shaped specimens of the tensile strength, elongation, tear, glue focused, tensile stress, peel, shear, the sticky relay of rubber and metal by using different fixtures


 Capacity 50 kg (5,10,20,100,200kg or specified)
 Load accuracy ±1%(±0.5%)
 Switch unit Kgf,lbf,N
 Load solution 1/10,000
 Test speed 100~500mm/min
 Displacement 0.01mm
 Max stroke 650mm/800mm/1000mm
 Power 220V.60Hz, 24Am
 Weight 100 KG
 Stroke Resolution 0.1 mm
 Dimension 500*460*1520mm
 Data sampling frequency 10 Hz
 Motor AC governor motor