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Usage: Physical & Mechanical Test Instrument
Power: Electronic
Model Number: TW-219B
Brand Name: HTI
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Power supply: AC 220V/5W/ single phase
The longest time: 15.000000S
Time range: 0.000001s-15.000000s
Speed display range: 0.007M/S - 10000.000M/S
Input: internal /external channel
The induction distance: 152.40mm, +- 0.1mm
Keys: 8 key operation
Print: Standard RS232 micro thermal printer
Memory: it could save 5 times test result
Standards: ISO 8124-1 4.18:5.15 Kinetic energy of projectiles, bows and arrows; CFR 1500 ASTM F963 4.8, EN-71-1 8.24.1


To determine the size catapults kinetic energy of toys, the ejection of parts of the test apparatus through the tube or external testing of the components of the two sensors detect the ejection toy parts used away after a certain period of time, it has calculated the move Energy. The main instruments used for this test launch of baby toys or children's safety.


Main Parameters:

Power supply: AC 220V/5W/ single phase

The longest time: 15.000000S

Time range: 0.000001s-15.000000s

Speed display range: 0.007M/S - 10000.000M/S.

Input: internal /external channel, (external channel is optional)

The induction distance: 152.40mm, ± 0.1mm

Keys: 8 key operation

Print: Standard RS232 micro thermal printer

Memory: it could save 5 times test result.
This unit could directly show the kinetic energy, time, speed on the screen by test. Kinetic energy no need to calculate by the formula 

Standards: ISO 8124-1 4.18:5.15 Kinetic energy of projectiles, bows and arrows; CFR 1500 ASTM F963 4.8, EN-71-1 8.24.1