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Contact Rating: DC 50W/AC 70va
Max. Switching Voltage: DC 220V/AC240V
Electrical Insulation: 1500 V/Min
Float Materials: SUS304 / SUS 316 / PP/N.B.R/PVDF
Installation Method: Vertical or Horizontal
Connection Method: Screw
Float Size: 28*28mm, 45*55mm, 52*52mm, 75*75mm...
Working Temperature: Stainless Steel Material; -40 ~ 200c
Float Proportion: 0.7-0.8
for Liquid: Water, Printing Ink, Gasoline and Diesel, Alcohol


1. Working Principle
Fix magnetic reed switch to a closed and nonmagnetic conduit. When the float switch is empty inside and fastened with permanent ring magnet approaches the switch along with the conduit under the buoyancy of liquid, the contact would be ON under the function of magnetic force, otherwise, when the float aparts away from the magnetic reed switch, the contact would be OFF. Thus signals of ON or OFF would be output and used for alarming or remote control.

2. Technical Specifications
Model: SLM
Rated power: DC50W/AC70VA
Contact capacity: DC220V/AC240V
Wetted material: SUS304/316L
Installation Method: Vertical or horizontal
Process connection: Screw
Float size: 28*28mm, 45*55mm, 52*52mm, 75*75mm
Medium Temperature: -10~125 C

3. Product Features
Magnetic reed switch and wire are completely separated from the medium measured, can be stably used under high temperature and high pressure environments, compact size, wide range of applications

4. Applications
Widely used in water treatment, food industry, medical industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, ship engineering, textile industry, and hydraulic industry, etc.