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Dimensions: DN=10~4000mm
Technique: winding technique
Application: water, sewage, petroleum, chemical, electric power, etc
Model Number: 4
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


 FRP process pipe has a smooth inner wall and fluid conveying pressure head loss is small, with a flow can choose a tubule diameter or smaller power pump for long distance transportation, and in the frozen medium, the tube will not break. It is mainly used for water, sewage, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, medicine and other fields, has been successfully applied in the country.




      In the complicated environment, you can choose different Corrosion-resistant pipes according to the requirements of media.    

(1)Pressure resistance

According to the pressure of process requirements, design, manufacture pipes and fittings. And use 1.5 multiples pressure of the process requires to charge pressure test heat. And the low temperature is minus 70 degrees, high temperature is 250 degrees.

(2)Insulation resistance and flame retardance

The insulation performance is good, can eliminate static electricity after improvement. It will not be spontaneous combustion, other way, it can refuse burning good performance, it also can be self-extinguishing.

(3)Color variety

Good transparent performance, it can be in a variety of colors after improvements.


The thermal conductivity can be improved after reform.