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Dimensions: as per requested
Technique: special process
Surface Treatment: insulation
Application: for underfloor of washing cars room
Model Number: C-03002
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
never rust: flame retardant
insulation: easy to cut
non magnetic: red
light: yellow
high strength: green


Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) molded grating is a kind of unsaturated polyester resin (including benzene, o-phenylenediamine type, vinyl type and phenolic type, bisphenol A, etc.) as matrix, glass fiber roving (alkali or alkali) skeleton in the custom mold through a special process made with certain opening rate of the plate material.

The product of grid structure:

1, glass steel grille through glass fiber woven, integrally molded resin casted.

2, fully saturated with glass fiber textile interlaced with resin, the grid maximum corrosion resistance.

3, the overall structure of the grid load distribution, contribute to the grid installation and mounting support structure under uniform pressure.

The surface gloss and italic gate surface 4, the grille grille has self-cleaning function.

4, the gate surface concave to grid having anti-skid property, sand surface antiskid effect is better.

The characteristics of molded grid:

1, resistant to chemical corrosion, never rust, long service life, maintenance free.

produces the grille is a non - metallic materials, it is different to traditional metal grille, the under the role of chemical medium does not occur electrochemical corrosion and rust, not the structure of the material damage, without the need for regular or irregular inspection, maintenance, will not lead to plant shutdowns and not like a metal grille that due to the existence of many invisible factors, causing a series of unforeseen accident. At the same time, it is also different in the wood and other materials will rot, mildew phenomenon, is the traditional iron, wood, cement and other materials of the upgrading of products.

2, flame retardant. The company specially designed formula can meet the requirements of fire safety engineering, so as to ensure safety. The company's products through the ASTM E-84 flame test has better performance of flame retardant.

3, insulation, vast burning, no magnetism.

4, with slight elasticity, it can reduce fatigue, enhance comfort, improve work efficiency.

5, light weight, high strength, easy cutting, installation.

The resin and glass fiber composite, the density is small, only 1/4 of iron, aluminum 2/3, but its relative strength but higher than the metal. Its light weight, can greatly reduce the base support, thereby reducing the engineering cost of material. The cutting has the advantages of convenient installation, without flare and large lifting equipment, only a small amount of manual and electric tools, making the installation cost is also greatly reduced.

6, inside and outside the uniform color, and color can be arbitrarily selected. The color can be customized according to customer requirements, improve the production environment.

7, has the good economic benefit.

8, strong in design, flexible dimensions, dimensional stability.

products can be customized according to customer requirements, such as different cell size, different size, different load requirements.

To the maximum extent possible to meet customer requirements, and cutting can be caused by the loss to a minimum, thus saving the cost for the customer.