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Dimensions: D=100~500mm
Technique: winding technique
Application: hot spring water transportation,city and factory heating system,etc
Model Number: 8
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


FRP heat insulation pipe is a kind of new heat preservation pipe, which is made of fiber wrapped glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, which is made of polyurethane and other materials as intermediate insulation layer.

1, Characteristics of FRP heat preservation tube

1.1Light weight, high strength, transportation, installation and maintenance is convenient, no heavy lifting equipment.

1.2Excellent hydraulic characteristics, smooth inner wall, small fluid resistance, can save pumping costs.

1.3The inner wall of the pipeline is not dirty, and the inner wall of the pipe is smooth.

1.4Low thermal conductivity, 0.39w/m·k, excellent thermal insulation performance.

1.5Good corrosion resistance, long service life, up to 30 years.

1.6The insulation layer is made in the factory, which can shorten the installation time.2, FRP insulation pipe technology

FRP thermal insulation pipe for foam sandwich structure. Mainly composed of FRP pipe, polyurethane and FRP shell. With the greatest advantage of the production of polyurethane sandwich structure is cold, heat insulation, light weight, bonding with the housing area is large, can evenly transfer load, anti impact performance.

3, Process planning

FRP pipeline: according to the type of transport medium, concentration, temperature and pressure, determine the pipe used in the resin, fiber and other raw materials, as well as the thickness and processing technology.

Polyurethane materials: the use of low thermal conductivity (h, 0.016~0.08kcal/m,c), the cold resistance of good (-45 degrees C), the production and processing of rigid polyurethane foam. The thickness of this part is determined according to the working conditions of the fluid in the pipe and the calculation of the environmental conditions. Ensure the temperature drop of the fluid within the design scope.

FRP shell: the main protective effect on the polyurethane layer, with the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, only the metal of 1/100~1/1000, about 0.34 h, kcal/m, in addition to bear external load, and to add UV absorbent and anti-aging agent to prevent aging pipeline aging.

4, Technological process

Prefabricated FRP pipePrefabricated FRP shellShell and pipe assemblyOverall injection of polyurethane foam post processingfinishingtestbe put in storage