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Dimensions: as per requested
Technique: molding equipment
Surface Treatment: extrusion
Application: cold storage frame materials, a corner plate, highway guardrail, sound
Model Number: C-03004
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
insulation support component: epoxy resin
column antejja: use in highly corrosive environment
hv cable tray: large span
anti aging performance is strong: heavy load conditions
handsome in appearance: red
installation is convenient: green,tower packing bracket
service life is long: yellow
high voltage power supply operating lever: generator radiator
stairs and handrails: operating platform
aisle,switch board: storage tank


Pulling extrusion profiles
Folding good dimensional stability
Thermosetting resin matrix heating effect of crosslinking network structure in the process of forming shape, its product size in normal and stable, after forming after the contraction is small. Products in the continuous load long time under its shape and size change a little, that little creep. The creep performance depends on the size of the load, the factors of temperature and loading time. At a fixed load and temperature conditions, long time after loading the thermosetting plastic creep to heat plastic is much smaller.
Superior heat resistance, high temperature resistance characteristics of folding
Thermosetting resin matrix composite and don't soften, the heat-resistant products is quite stable, were measured with a load of 1.86mpa, general the thermal deformation temperature in 150 ~ 260 DEG C, and fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics belongs to excellent thermal insulation materials, the thermal conductivity is 0.35 ~ 0.47W/ (m-k), the only metal / 100 to 1 / 1000, can be used as good heat insulation material and instantaneous high temperature materials, thermal deformation temperature up to 350 DEG C, and can be used as a normal temperature and high temperature structural materials. The glass fiber / phenolic insulation material is excellent, the rocket missile engine.

Excellent electrical properties fold
Composite material is excellent electrical insulating materials, in terms of mica packing of the products the electrical properties more excellent. It can be used to manufacturing arc resistance, resistant to voltage, electric induction the superiority of special parts. Due to the composite materials have excellent electrical properties, the product does not exist electrochemical corrosion and stray current corrosion, are widely used in the manufacturing of instrumentation, motors and electrical insulating parts, in order to improve the reliability of electrical equipment and prolong its service life. In addition, through the products in high frequency under the action of the dielectric properties and microwave, have been used to produce various high frequency radar cover insulation products.
Excellent corrosion resistance fold
Electrochemical corrosion mechanism of resin matrix composites with ordinary steel is different, it not conductive, in the electrolyte solution can't be dissolved ion, thus it is a good chemical stability of the atmosphere, water, and the general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other medium, especially in non oxidation of acid and a wide range of pH value range of medium has good stability. Therefore, is now widely used in production of corrosion resistant products, used for stainless steel can not deal with some of the media (such as hydrochloric acid, chlorine, carbon dioxide, dilute sulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite and sulfur dioxide) corrosion, played a good role.
FRP pultruded profile with excellent surface characteristics of folding
Composite materials and chemical medium contact surface rarely have corrosive, rarely fouling, so commonly used manufacturing fluid pipeline, the pipeline resistance is very small, friction coefficient low saves a large amount of power. The composite material is generally not easy to generate metal ions like the metal pollution medium, so it is widely used in food and medicine industry of composite products. In addition, composite material has high friction (PV) limit, under water lubrication condition, the friction coefficient is very small, about 0.01 ~ 0.03, so it is the preferred material of wear-resistant products.