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Dimensions: DN=25~4000mm
Technique: winding technique
Application: in ocean engineering and ship all piping systems
Model Number: 9
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


1, Product technical features

1.1Light weight, high strength, convenient installation and transportation.

1.2Excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in seawater environment for long time.

1.3Good temperature resistance, can be used in the environment of -45~120.

1.4The inner wall is smooth, the inner surface roughness coefficient is 0.0084, the transportation ability is strong, and no scale, no two pollution, reduce the pipeline operation and maintenance costs.

1.5Fire resistance: in line with the A.753 IMO (18) three class fire tests with the ability to fire.

2, Specifications

Diameter: DN2-DN4000mm

Pressure: 0.25MPa-2.5MPa

Temperature: -45-120

A single length: DN250mm, L=6m, DN250mm or L=12m can also be customized according to the use of arbitrary length.

3, Connection mode

Connection can be connecter by screw thread connection, socket connection, flange connection, flat end butt joint, sleeve connection and so on.

4, Application of FRP pipeline in ocean engineering and ship

The application of FRP pipe in ocean engineering and ship all piping systems, such as: fire extinguishing system fire water supply system, saline water supply pipeline, cooling water, waste water pipeline, drinking water lines, process piping, ballast pipe, cargo oil loading and unloading pipeline, bilge water pipe, water, light water lines, sanitary water supply pipeline, deck drainage tube, sounding pipe, ventilation pipe, drainage pipes and conduits.