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Technique: winding process making barrel with concace convex wheel shaped head
Surface Treatment: winding process
Application: waste water treatment
Model Number: C-03010
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Mechanical strength high: epoxy resin
rigidity of the metal bridge and toughness of the glass steel bridge: use in highly corrosive environment
corrosion resistance: large span
anti aging performance is strong: heavy load conditions
handsome in appearance: red
installation is convenient: green
service life is long: yellow


FRP winding equipment FRP making production line

FRP Vessel Winding Machine

The pipeline winding production line has advanced technology, high automation degree, high production effiency and complete production specifications.

FRP / GRP water tank winding machine composites three main parts:


1. Automatic resin  supplying system


2. The tank winding machine,include the winding platform,the venicle with the resin tank,the main machine head,the triangular support,the yarn stand,the support ring.


3. The PLC control cabinet.