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Dimensions: According to customer needs
Technique: Pultrusion
Application: HV cable tray, stairs and handrails, operating platform, aisle, etc.
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


FRP pultruded grid is use fiberglass pultrusion "l" profile as a carrier strip, Tubes and rods as the connection wear rod, plate with voids produced by certain assembly process.

Product Applications
FRP pultruded grating used in water treatment, to field drainage, chemical petroleum, power, paper, construction, textile, printing and dyeing, ships, etc.

Specific Application

Operating platform, stair walkway, staircase railings, floors, trench coverplate, walkways, pedestrian bridge, equipment safety fence and scaffolding.


Pultruded FRP grating has most of the characteristics of molded fiberglass grating,but also there are obvious differences, the most important point is that the carrier strip in the direction of a high glass fiber content(65%-70%).Therefore, compared with molded glass fiber reinforced plastic, the use of more superiority in the large span, which will reduce the basic support and low the cost of the project.


Pultruded grating weight only about a quarter of steel,Very easy to carry.Thereby reducing trucking expense.

(2)High strength

Pultruded grating according to the weight ratio of about 35% resin, 65% glass fiber, which provides a very high strength / weight ratio.

(3)UV - resistant

Pultruded grid add UV - resistant agent and contain polyester surface mat for get the best UV - resistant effect.

(4)Chemical resistance

Use good  phthalic, isophthalic, vinyl resins and pultruded FRP grid with surface mat, so with excellent corrosion resistance.

(5)Other excellent performance

Impact-resistant, maintenance-free, easy processing, non-slip safety, insulation or thermal insulation, etc.