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Dimensions: 50mm~4000mm
Technique: molded
Surface Treatment: smooth
Application: Aviation airport project construction,Industrial zone, residential
Model Number: C-03012
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


FRP pipe 

1.Medium and low pressure pipe 0.6MPa2.5 MPa

2.High pressure pipe5.5MPa24 MPa

3.Mobile gravity pipe (which can be used when the pressure is under 0.6MPa)
4.Vacuum tube, external pressure pipe or siphon


If you have interest in the FRP pipe, please provide the following parameters: media, pressure and the use of the environment (overhead or buried), temperature, stiffness requirements, connections, we shall provide you most competitive price. Looking forward to our cooperation!

1) made from the high quality corrossion resistant resin and continuous fiber widing without alkali


2) lightness,high strength,distinguished corrosion resistance 


3) good low temperature resistant, it can be used under the condition of -45°C-120°C for long time

1. Perfect corrosion resistance: no effect on water quality, FRP pipes can be resistant to acid, alkali, salt, sea water, sewage without treatment, corrosive soil or underground water, and erosion from various chemical fluids.

2. anti-fouling and anti-moth: the surface of unsaturated polyester resin is clean and smooth, it will not be defiled or attached by microorganism such as armour shellfish and fungus in the ocean sewage.