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Quick Details

Dimensions: According to the requirements of buyers
Application: Car wash industry, municipal engineering, plants, walkways,etc..
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


    Molded FRP grid is a kind of unsaturated polyester resin (Including m-benzol type, O-type, vinyl type and phenolic type, bisphenol-A type)as Matrix, with glass roving as skeleton.On the metal template is molded or hand lay-woven production and then by heating the overall shape, product appearance of smooth and beautiful, high intrinsic quality, glass fiber content of more than 30%(Weight percentage).

Product Applications

    FRP molded grid used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electricity, electroplating, batteries, machinery, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, mining, sewage treatment, housing decoration, municipal engineering, car washes and other fields.

Specific Application

   Concrete were used to operating platform, trench cover Panel, double-layer ground, plank road, the aisle, stair tread board, suspended ceiling, tree Protection Board, car wash floors, and so on.


  (1)Resistant to a variety of chemical media properties, never rust, with long cycle, maintenance-free.

  (2)Flame retardant.

  (3)Insulation, non-magnetic.

  (4) With a slight elasticity, can reduce fatigue of personnel, enhance comfort, improve work efficiency.

  (5)Lightweight, high strength, and easy to cut and install.

  (6)Inside and outside the uniform color can be freely selected. Color can be customized according to customer requirements, improve the production workplace                         environment.

  (7)It has good overall economic benefits.

  (8) Free to design, size flexible.

Manufacturing process

    FRP molded grid through a glass fiber cross-compiled,Made by resin casting integral molded.

   (1)Glass fiber interwoven with the resin fully saturated,make the grid resistant to the greatest extent.

   (2)Glass fiber and resin cross composite formed.The overall structure of the load evenly distributed, helping grid installation and installation support structure of uniform               force, enhancing load bearing capacity.

   (3)Wear non-slip surface, the concave surface of the grill so that the grill with non-slip performance,the sanding surface makes non-slip effect is much better.

   (4)Grill surface gloss and italic face make the grid with self-cleaning effect.
Product Type

   FRP molded grating according to the usepurposes and appearance can be divided into common type, color transparent type, groove-type, sand-paving type(Non-slip type), double holes type, surface grinding type, cover type, cover sand-paving type.