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Dimensions: all kinds capacities
Technique: winding technique
Application: chemical industry,medicine,water incineration,etc
Model Number: 13
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Packed Tower is one of the towers. Tower filler fills in the appropriate height to increase the contact surface between two fluids. For example, when applied to a gas absorption, fluid from the upper part of the tower is entered through a distribution along the surface down. Gas from the lower part of the tower by packing up the pores, close contact and interaction with the liquid. Simpler structure and maintenance more convenient. Widely used in gas absorption, distillation, extraction, and so on. In order to enhance production, improve airflow speed, so when the emulsified State, said emulsified packed Tower or emulsified Tower (emulsifying tower).


1.Efficient in the case of chlorine gas drying, single tower water content can be reduced to less than 150-400ppm.

2.Large gas flux per unit area can make the tower cost more economical.

3.The whole tower pressure is reduced, and the pressure drop of the whole column is less than 100mm under the condition of the height of the packed bed 5m.

4.Easy to operate, stable and reliable.

5.The whole tower is made of high molecular material, which has excellent overall corrosion resistance.

6.Internals with proprietary technology manufacturing, with excellent properties, such as gas injection supporting plate with a three-dimensional structure hole rate is more than or equal to 100%.

7.The tower of the composite material can be designed and manufactured as a whole structure even if the diameter of the tower is 2m. Such sealing, security is better.

8.Tower packing in various forms, excellent performance, are made of corrosion resistant polymer materials. Commonly used are: PP ladder ring, PVC, CPVCC Taylor and PP corrugated packing.