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Dimensions: all kinds of sizes
Technique: microcomputer numerical control technique
Application: produce all kinds of FRP products
Model Number: C04001
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Winding machine adopts closed-loop computer control, together with the Japanese company Matsushita AC servo system as a core component of the device, has high positioning accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, operation pause again understand the overlapping nature, and the high production efficiency characteristics. And it can achieve the unequal wall thickness of vertical and horizontal vessels, the unequal Baotou and end of the cross winding. This kind of machine can meet the requirements of JC/T 587, JC/T 718, JC/T 586, JIS K7012, ASTM D3299, ASTM D4021, ASTM D4097, ASMEX and other standards.Product design meets the standards requirements of HG/T 206996 and BS 4994.
Process description:
    FRP winding equipment (also called a continuous winding FRP pipe production line), FRP pipe winding equipment mainly comprises a winding - feeding - curing support plates torsion - cutting - such as the unloading equipment composition of one-stop pipeline automatic continuous production line. The pipeline winding production line technology advanced, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, production specifications complete.


FRP winding equipment is glass fiber winding pipe and tank dedicated units, of which NC FRP winding machine series products with positioning accuracy high, strong anti-jamming ability, convenient operation, flexible assembly, high production efficiency, a machine with multi features; equipment automatic operation line, suspended after lap of nature, not only expanded the function of the microcomputer, and to provide users with a convenient, effective and safe and reliable working environment.

The function of the control system:

1. in any condition, keep the core mode and guide head ratio.

2. parameter setting is simple, easy to understand.

3. is equipped with automatic switching function / hand, convenient for users to operate.

4. can complete the hoop, cross winding.

5. uses Chinese color touch screen interface, parameter setting is simple and flexible, and has the functions of alarm and protection.