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Dimensions: 38*38*38mm,25*25*25mm,50*50*50mm,etc
Technique: molding technique
Application: petroleum,sewage disposal,self-propelled car parks,etc
Model Number: C04002
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


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Glass steel grille plate is made of molding process with many rules of distribution of rectangular, square box polyester sheet, with two-way isotropic mechanical characteristics, widely used in petroleum, chemical and electronic, power, paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating, ocean exploration, sewage treatment and other industries working platform, platform equipment, drilling platforms, walkways, etc., is corrosive environment, the ideal product, also applies to civil construction facilities.CCharacteristics:

Light weight: the proportion of it in 1.8, its weight is only 1/4 of the steel, aluminum is 2/3.

High strength: the strength is ten times of hard PVC, the absolute strength greatly than aluminum, to ordinary steel.

Corrosion resistance: polyester type is a non - metallic materials, it does not rust, not mildew, rot, do not need to paint, can resist many gas, liquid medium corrosion, with maintenance free, so compared with the traditional metal grille not in the chemistry of the medium under the action of corrosion and rust, do not need to conduct regular inspection, maintenance.

Fatigue resistance: glass steel grille with slight elasticity, which makes for a long time in the above work feel comfortable, as a working platform, reducing the staff back legs and fatigue, increase the comfort, which can improve the work efficiency, recommended by ergonomics.

Convenient installation: Polyester geogrid in the component weight is greatly reduced, thus reducing the weight of the support structure, install does not need to use the hoisting equipment, not only saving and convenient.

Safety: with smoldering, insulation characteristics, in the installation and use of polyester grid plate is not due to collisions caused by the electric spark, suitable for use in flammable and explosive environment, moreover, has non slip surface layer of geogrid can prevent slipping, reduce the number of accidents.

Comprehensive economic benefits: compared with ordinary carbon steel, polyester geogrid in the comprehensive finished product is low, although the one-time investment is higher than that of ordinary carbon steel, because of its long service life, generally used for twenty years, and no need of maintenance, so the overall economic efficiency is much better than the use of carbon steel, compared with the traditional metal materials and non-metallic materials, ester grating plate with high strength, good performance, energy saving, product design, product use, wide adaptability, in a certain sense, the polyester material is a very wide range of applications, one of the development prospect of materials with great varieties.